Changing the Caution Flashing Mode

To step through the different caution modes,  initiate caution-mode by connecting the two caution-mode
screw terminals together (typically done with an ON/OFF toggle switch).

Once caution mode is initiated,  press and release the TIME-SET button to advance to the next caution mode.

The modes will  change in this sequence:

Caution Mode #1>  Flashing Red
Caution Mode #2>  Flashing Yellow
Caution Mode #3> Alternating RED / YELLOW   (SYNC 5 board only)
Caution Mode #4> Flashing Red, Walk and Don't Walk lights alternate (like a train crossing Wig Wag)      (SYNC 5 board only)

When in caution-mode #4, pressing the TIME-SET button will flip back over to CAUTION MODE #1

Note: The caution mode setting will be retained even if power is removed.