IR Relay Board
IR Remote Controlled Relay controller  
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3-Output Controller with IR remote control programming and Relay outputs.  Input voltage is 120 VAC.  Outputs are rated 7 Amps @ 120VAC. (700 watts)
Standard Green - Yellow - Red sequence.  Timing for each output can be set independantly from 1 second to 20 minutes.  Includes Pre-Programmed Universal remote .
Dimensions:  3.5" wide   X    3.1"  tall    X    1.2" high (does not include stand-off height)


Install Instructions (.pdf)

Universal Remote button functions:

 CHANNEL UP = AUTO-SEQUENCE MODE / auto advance through the G-Y-R cycles.
 1 = TURN ON GREEN LIGHT (manual mode)
 2 = TURN ON YELLOW LIGHT  (manual mode)
 3 = TURN ON RED LIGHT (manual mode)
 4 = CAUTION MODE flashing  RED
 6 = CAUTION MODE alternating  RED/YELLOW

 0+0+0 = start "time-set" auto sequence / time setting  routine 
 POWER BUTTON = turns signal ON/OFF